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What’s the difference between Professional Financial Advice and doing-it-yourself?

Prime can help you plan for the future, clarify your goals and make a real difference through quality financial advice.

Have you ever wondered what the impact on your investments is between following Professional Financial Advice and doing-it-yourself?

Jumping into decision making about your investments without a full understanding of the relevant issues can often lead to poor outcomes. Our primary role is to get you to the point where you know what is important in your own financial planning requirements and then coach you to a point where you can make a confident financial decision.

During your initial meeting, we’ll chat with you about the six step financial planning process that we follow. This starts with finding out about your specific needs and discussing how we can help you to make them if you do decide to engage us for advice. We then take a good look at your current position, help you to identify your goals, and from there we can develop tailored recommendations which are presented as a written document called the statement of advice – this is your financial plan. Once you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll help you put your strategy into action.

Your own circumstances, together with the legislative and economic environments, are bound to change over time. It’s important to regularly review your plan to make sure it keeps pace with these changes and to make sure you’re still on track. We will be available to coach you through your financial journey to avoid some of the dangers involved in deviating from the path or dropping the ball entirely. Having a plan in place is simply your best chance to attain your goals.

Why Prime?

Our single focus is on you; working with your goals and aspirations, to secure your financial future.

Prime doesn’t take a product-based approach, we are an advisory firm that adds value for our clients. We provide personalised advice that is transparent, flexible and is in your best interests.  Our integrated 3 dimensional approach ensures you have the right structure and strategies in place to meet your financial objectives, and creates a relationship for quality advice, trust, service and a deep understanding of your situation.

You set the course for enhancing your financial future with tailored wealth management and asset protection advice. When together we have set your structure and strategy, the strength of your financial advisory team then focuses on implementing and managing that plan and your investments to make your goals a reality.

Get in touch with Michelle to find out the difference Prime can make to your financial future.

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