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Prime Financial Group is an ASX Listed Integrated Wealth Management Firm for business owners and family groups. We were founded in 1998 by accountants and today that DNA continues through our working relationship with you in partnership with your accountant.

The reason is simple yet highly effective - we believe that you are best served by your accountant being your single place for personalised financial advice - tailored for your needs, goals and aspirations.

It all starts by providing and maintaining protection to your current and ongoing wealth. You’ve worked hard for what you have and Prime Financial Group and your Accountant will always put preservation of your existing wealth first. We do this by taking a prudent yet forward looking approach to the management of your wealth.

By working with accounting firms, we ensure you have the right structure and strategies in place from the very beginning – key to meeting your financial goals and objectives to secure your financial future.

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What is Investment Advice?

A comprehensive investment strategy and strong asset allocation can assist with maximising the benefits and minimising the risk across your portfolio as part of achieving your individual goals and objectives.

Our Investment Advice benefits you by:

  • Providing options available to grow your asset base and position you to achieve your 'best' possible retirement income 
  • Increasing your knowledge of how much income your retirement capital will provide 
  • Building a 'transparent' investment portfolio individually tailored for you 
  • Providing ongoing advice, research, reporting and portfolio management 
  • Cost competitiveness by 'cutting out' unnecessary duplication – you speak directly with the people managing your money.

What is Superannuation?

Superannuation (Super) remains one of the best ways to accumulate wealth and save for your retirement.

With a growing number of people deciding to manage their own Super, understanding your investment

options and considering your retirement objectives will impact the strategy you implement to build a more secure future.

You can save your super in a personal superannuation fund where it is professionally managed for you or you can manage your own by setting up a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

We can help with all areas of your superannuation to best position you to meet your retirement goals.

What is Financial & Retirement Planning?

Although your plans may change over time, it's important to identify your immediate priorities, your ideal lifestyle and retirement goals and develop a financial plan to assist in achieving them.

Our goal is to provide you with the best alternative for you to make the right decisions now and for your family's future.

Living your Ideal Retirement

What is Life Insurance?

Protect what matters most to you!

The reality is that no one can predict the future. 

To minimise the loss of income to your family that may result from your death, temporary incapacity or serious disability, it is vital you implement the appropriate protection strategies for yourself and your family.

Through Insurance, you will be shielded against the financial trauma and the stress of unforeseen events, and will be protecting the people that matter most.

What is Asset Protection?

Protecting yourself, your family and your business is the cornerstone of any wealth creation strategy.

Asset Protection involves the structuring of your personal, family and business affairs to minimise your risk exposure whilst providing a platform to build your wealth.

We believe all clients should have an Asset Protection program in place.

The objective of Asset Protection is to provide you with greater control over your Assets (Personal, Family and Business) allowing for more controlled outcomes in times of dispute or financial distress. 

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