Life Insurance

Shield your family against unexpected financial shock

It isn’t fun to talk about, but accidents and illness happen. An unexpected loss of health, physical ability, or even life, can leave your family suffering from an unexpected loss of income in addition to the emotional trauma.

You can’t predict the future, but you can protect yourself against it financially through a life insurance policy that meets your needs and the needs of your family.

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Income Protection

This policy provides you with coverage for up to 75% of your gross monthly income if you are unable to earn due to sickness or injury.

It will help your family cover regular expenses such as food, petrol and mortgage payments while you recover.

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Life and Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

These policies pay a lump sum benefit on the event of your death or permanent disability, to help your family maintain their standard of living.

It prevents your family from having to resort to unfortunate measures (selling assets, selling a business, etc.) to cover large expenses such as funeral costs, mortgages, loans and school fees.

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Trauma (Critical Illness) Insurance

This policy pays a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a specified medical condition, to give you the financial freedom to concentrate on recovery without worrying about medical expenses, lifestyle changes, and bills.

Conditions covered include traumatic or life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke, and will depend on the level of cover that you select.

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Buy/Sell & Partner Business Insurance

A Buy Sell Agreement (BSA) is put in place between the individual owners of a business (‘Principals’), in the event that one of the Principals suffers an unforeseen event, such as death or disablement. The BSA helps to decide what would happen to said Principal’s ownership interests.

This policy provides the funding to purchase a partner’s share of a business in the event that said partner dies or suffers a serious disability, to prevent financial strain on other business partners and their family members.

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Our advisors will assist you with the entire process

From reviewing your existing insurance cover, if you currently have it, to discussing the protection strategies available, we will guide you every step of the way.

We can help you establish the most relevant level of cover based on your individual needs, the needs of your family, and the stage you are at in life.

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What our clients say

“Prime provides us a highly personalised service covering our financial needs. Our strategic advice has been proactively provided whilst ensuring our investments are professionally managed without requiring our daily input. We feel comfortable knowing Prime is looking after our investments.”

Ian, VIC

“In working with Prime, I have been connected with a trusted ‘go to’ source of knowledge, mentorship, tools, services, contacts and – most importantly – a friend on the ground for anything related to financial decisions when feeling a little overwhelmed.”

Amy, QLD

“I am very pleased with Prime. I have called my adviser when I have questions and have always received prompt replies and all of the support I needed.”

Bob & Denise, NSW

“We are busy running our business, which takes up most of our time! To have someone we know and trust in charge of our money is so comforting. I enjoy the quick and clear communications I have with my adviser and I trust his suggestions for our investments.”

Jack and Pauline, VIC

“We have worked with Prime for fifteen years as our financial adviser. Prime has always guided us through with professional advice on our financial decisions, whether it be in the local office or over the phone. We have found our adviser, Garry, has gone above and beyond the call of duty with regards to our retirement and financial matters in a friendly and caring way.”

Karen & Russell, QLD

“I find Michelle service to me is of high value. She is knowledgeable and transfers the information to me clearly. Thank you Prime.”

Kathryn, WA

“We have always felt that our advisor listened carefully to what we expected and responded appropriately. Livio is always interested in us as a couple and our lifestyle- we have never felt like we were bulk handled.”

Ian & Cherie, VIC

“I have been a client of Prime for just over 3 years and I am confident that the advice and service I have received during that time has been in my best interests.”

Lannette, QLD

“I have been using Prime for many years and one of the things I appreciate most is that their advice is only a phone call away and I always feel as a customer that Prime have my best interest at heart. It is a very personal service executed by very personable and helpful individuals. My advisor feels like family I am very satisfied.”

Christopher, ACT

A unique and personal service approach to support all your business advisory and personal wealth management needs.

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