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The Steve Waugh Foundation

In just 10 years, the Steve Waugh Foundation (SWF) is one of Australia’s most respected charities and is the only charity of its kind in Australia supporting children and young adults affected by rare disease.

The SWF makes a conscious effort to work with partners who are socially responsible and enthusiastic, engaged but not demanding.

In doing so, they take a holistic approach to supporting children and young adults (0-25yrs) with the rarest diseases. Some children apply for help once; others return back time and time again. The SWF works to give these children and young adults a better quality of life, offering support and the opportunity to connect with others through:
  • Individual Grants – for medicine, specialized equipment and treatment therapies, for children and young adults (0-25yrs)
  • Respite Camps (SNUG)– designed to support the families of children with rare diseases
  • Research – into the psychological and economic impact of rare diseases on Australian families and health professionals
  • Raising Awareness – playing a leading role in sponsoring a coordinated approach to the promotion of World Rare Disease Day in Australia since 2009

Strength of Character is at the core of what the SWF does, from the people they support to the people who help. They work with partners who embrace that characteristic, share their vision and goals and the Prime Financial Group is very supportive and proud to be helping them achieve their aspirations.

The Captain’s Ride

The Captain’s Ride is about people from all walks of life leading, inspiring, supporting and guiding each other. One of the key objectives is to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork amongst riders, provide a challenge that tests you both mentally and physically both on and off the bike; and to create an experience that provides lifelong memories. The significant and symbolic route is mapped out specially to meet the objectives of a life changing experience.

Steve Waugh shares stories and specially invited VIP’s, champions and celebrity guests share their personal experiences which provide the leadership experience and motivation each day.

This ride is about ‘strength of character’ and is designed as a challenge on and off the bike.

  • The Captain’s Ride 2017 will be held in Tasmania.
  • Dates: Nov 4th – Nov 11th 2017

The Cause

There are some 400,000 Australian children with one of  6,000 – 8,000 rare diseases that need research, support and care.

With ‘strength of character’ the SWF and the participants support and ride for them.


For more information on The Captain’s Ride and The Steve Waugh Foundation, please visit their website.