Start Up Services

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Start Up Services

Our experience with tech places us in the right place at the right time to assist any tech business at concept phase, or funded or non-funded start-up to reach operations and a successful sale or listing.

We do that via a combination of our knowledge, access to the variety of Grants available and our key industry and market relationships.

Over many years the Partners at Prime have quietly developed a key expertise in this arena, as well as a great and connected network of professionals and personal contacts across key Service Providers, Funds and Venture Capitalists here in Melbourne and around the world – all to forward your start-up’s growth goals.

In our experience, whether funded or not yet funded, work must begin very early. For example, getting the structure right can make you more (or if done incorrectly, less) attractive to potential investors and stakeholders.

Lastly, if you have “begun with the end in mind” as Jim Collins author of ‘Good to Great’ proposes and an exit, trade sale or merger is part of the plan, we have significant expertise and experience.

In structuring the deal itself and managing all tax and other implications we work with you to ensure the highest possible outcome and dollar value is returned to you. After all, it’s usually your entrepreneurship, creativity and hard work that has built the business so we must ensure you reap the rewards!

Our Services

Our Services include:

  • Corporate structuring advice and setup
  • Business Strategic Plan preparation, validation and review
  • Grants assessment and advice
  • Shareholders Agreements & Buy/Sell Agreements advice
  • R&D Tax Incentive advisory and claim preparation
  • Finance assessment and advice
  • Statutory regulator registrations
  • Accounting system implementation
  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts
  • Tailoring financial and KPI reporting to stakeholders requirements

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