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Making Super Simple

Superannuation (Super) remains one of the best ways to accumulate wealth and save for your retirement.
With a growing number of people deciding to manage their own Super, understanding your investment
options and considering your retirement objectives will impact the strategy you implement to build a more secure future.

To address your various needs, we offer Self Managed Super Fund’s (SMSF’s) as well as retail super structures. Our integrated SMSF service covers financial and retirement planning, investment advice, insurance as well as accounting, tax and compliance for your SMSF which is provided in conjunction with your Accountant.

Our Super Service

Our Super service offers benefits for both SMSFs and Personal Super, including:

  • managing your Super and Retirement Planning process and assets
  • setting up your SMSF or reviewing your existing trust deed
  • transparency and cost competitiveness in Super Asset Management via our investment approach
  • providing a total Super / SMSF service offering by taking care of all your Super administration
  • easy access for managing your SMSF day-to-day, with a simple and convenient online system

SMSFs & Personal Super

What is a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?

A SMSF is a structure that receives and manages funds and investments on behalf of the members. It has a maximum of four members, all of whom must be trustees (or directors of a corporate trustee).

As a Trustee you effectively control the SMSF, the investment strategy and the investments.


  • Control over how funds are invested
  • Greater flexibility in investment types
  • Asset protection advantages
  • Better management and flexibility of contribution levels and methods
  • Reduced tax rates apply to superannuation (generally 15% or less and nil on retirement)
  • Control over the types and level of insurances held within the fund
  • Significant control over retirement and death benefits
  • Estate planning strategies and control
  • Costs could be less when compared with alternatives
  • Provide a retirement savings structure specific to member needs and desires
  • SMSFs are popular with clients who want to directly manage their investments and attend to the administration and compliance responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a SMSF Trustee

The responsibilities of a SMSF relate to the obligation placed on trustees, which broadly are:

  • To act with the same care, skill and diligence as a prudent person would exercise when responsible for dealing with another person’s property
  • To exercise power and perform duties in the best interest of the members and beneficiaries
  • To keep the assets and money of the fund separate from that of any members, sponsoring employer or trustee itself
  • Not to delegate responsibility (but tasks can be delegated) for any fund matter

We have established a service offering that provides you with the flexibility and control over your SMSF with investment choice and advice provided.

Your future income

We can assist with the entire process and discuss the strategies available to you, and more importantly, ensure you make the most appropriate decision for your personal circumstances.

Our service benefits include:

  • Investment strategy & strategic planning advice
  • Superannuation consolidation & rollovers
  • Lost superannuation retrieval
  • Structuring of Insurance through superannuation
  • Pension planning, incl. accumulation to pension phase

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