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Protect What Matters Most to You

The reality is that no one can predict the future. To minimise the loss of income to your family that may result from your death, temporary incapacity or serious disability, it is vital you implement the appropriate protection strategies for yourself and your family. Through Insurance, you will be shielded against the financial trauma and the stress of unforeseen events, and will be protecting the people that matter most.

With so many insurance providers, determining your ideal level of cover and which policy best suits your needs can often be a daunting task. Not only are there a number of insurances available, but policies typically contain different features and benefits.

Our Service Benefits

We can assist with the entire process, from reviewing your existing insurance cover, if you currently have it, to discussing the protection strategies available.

We can help establish the most relevant level of cover based on your individual needs and the stage you are at in life, including:

How long could you survive financially without your employment income?

Would you be able to meet regular payments on your mortgage or other debts?

Income protection is a highly effective way of helping safeguard you from the single greatest threat you may ever face – being unable to earn an income.

If sickness or injury renders you unable to work, then your income protection will go to work for you to pay a monthly income.

Quite simply, it will help put food on the table, petrol in the tank, stop the bank from foreclosing on your mortgage, keep school fees paid and generally give you the means to maintain a reasonable standard of living if you are not able to earn your income.

What is Income Protection?

If you become unable to work because of sickness or injury, this type of insurance will typically pay you up to 75% of your gross package, until you are able to return to work. Most people who work depend on their income to provide for themselves and their family.

Could your family maintain their standard of living after the death or total & permanent disability of a wage earner?

  • How would you financially survive if you had to sell family or business assets to retire debt in the event of death or disability?
  • Would you be able to pay off a mortgage loan and other personal debts, and for how long?
  • How would you pay for your children’s education?
  • Are you able to pay for final expenses, such as funeral costs and taxes?
  • Do you have an emergency fund or a fund for a family member with special needs?

To minimise the loss that may result from death or serious disability, it is vital to implement the appropriate protection strategies for yourself, your family and your business against the misfortune of unforeseen events through appropriate Life Insurances.

What is Term Life and Total & Permanent Disability Insurance?

Term life insurance pays a lump sum benefit on death of the life insured during the term of the insurance. Total & Permanent Disability insurance pays a lump sum on the total and permanent disability of the life insured during the term of the insurance.

If you were affected by a serious illness, how would you, or those who depend on you, manage financially?

Trauma Insurance, sometimes known as Crisis Illness Insurance or Crisis Recovery Insurance, pays a benefit to the life insured on diagnosis of a specified medical condition. Trauma Insurance is designed to provide a lump sum payment to enable you to recover from a trauma or crisis such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or any number of life threatening illnesses outlined in the policy schedule.

We all tend to think that these are things that happen to other people. But we all know of someone that has been afflicted by a traumatic illness, whether it be one of the many forms of cancer or heart attack or by-pass surgery, etc. All of us have seen in others that the stress of a traumatic illness can be exacerbated by the need to meet medical expenses, lifestyle changes, the payment of bills, mortgage, amongst other things. It can happen to anyone.

The payment of a lump sum trauma insurance benefit allows you the freedom to concentrate on recovery without the attendant financial stress. The medical conditions that your Trauma Insurance policy will cover, will depend on how comprehensive you would like your cover to be. Your adviser can assist you with a range of conditions that you can choose from.

Does your Business need a Buy/Sell Agreement?

How well is your business protected?

It takes years of hard work to build a business. But all the hard work can be undone very quickly if one of the business owners dies or suffers a serious disability. This can put a tremendous strain on a business and create financial problems for business partners and family members.

What is a Buy Sell Agreement (BSA)?

A BSA is an agreement between the individual owners of a business (“Principals”) about what would happen to their ownership interests in the event that one of the Principals suffers an unforeseen event such as death or disablement.

The funding of a BSA is generally done through insurance.

How does a Buy/Sell Agreement benefit a business owner?

It provides the funding for the purchase of the departing owner’s share of the business.

Peace of mind for the continuing partners/owners/shareholders, offering a clearly defined contingency plan for the business.

Pacify creditors & stabilise the business, allowing the owners to focus on running the business.

Reduce the chance of disputes between continuing business owners and a deceased owner’s estate.

What is a BSA not designed to do?

  • Address foreseeable situations, such as planned retirement
  • Replace lost profits of the business due to the death / disablement of a Principal; or replace lost income of a disabled Principal

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