Improving our Client Engagement Experience



Improving our Client Engagement Experience – the passion ‘behind the scenes’


We have a huge focus on our Client Engagement and a lot has been happening behind the scenes that I wanted to share with you. Some of these have been implemented and others are on the draft board ready to go.


Access to Client Services has never been better….


·         We understand the importance of your staff & your clients having access to the Client Services Team so we are now available from 8.30am to 8pm, 5 days a week all year round (excluding National Holidays)!


·         Any admin queries, rather than going through the adviser, we can address this directly on 1800 064 959 or alternatively email the team at and we will arrange to assist with your query.


Integration – sharing our data


Being able to share valuable information with not only our clients but also our Joint Venture partners is paramount. This is key and its why we are putting a lot of resources into building the right IT foundations – we want to collaborate and develop the best platform.  To do this, we are engaging specialists to assist in developing this integral piece.


As a start, we want our valued partners to have access to our platforms.  Going forward your team will be able to download the necessary tax reports without having to go through us.


This is not the extent of the changes we will make but it’s a start in the right direction so please watch this space as we bring more exciting news on this front.


Our Complete Approach


We all know it’s not just about investments….we want to ensure that clients are on track to achieve their financial goals and objectives, and to continue to protect assets & build wealth, and we want to be a part of that journey with them.


As part of this process, we have established a centralised team aka ‘The Hub’ which is based in our National Office. The Hub includes Private Client Advisers, Associate Advisers and specialists in Life Insurance, Legal and Finance.


The HUB will be responsible for looking after clients who have less complex advice or investment needs. Our aim is to have a scalable, team focussed structure (playing to strengths) that creates excellent client experiences and improves client service for more clients.


With the help of technology through a strong online and digital capability, our clients will receive more personal service and contact from advisers.  We want to protect their assets and build their wealth so that they can one day become our future Private & Platinum clients. The other benefit is, if at any time a client wants to see an Adviser face to face, we have the flexibility of arranging this with any of our state Private Client Advisers and still provide the client centralised Advisory support via The Hub.


We feel this is a really exciting change and as the HUB becomes more operational in the coming months, I’m really keen to hear any feedback you may receive from clients on this.


Managing our Client Relationships


Monitoring our clients satisfaction is one of the most powerful tasks we can complete. Not only will it provide early warning signs, but it will provide us with the necessary insight to drive changes within our organisation. Our aim is to develop a loyal & trusting relationship with our clients and we feel it’s important to be pro-active and collect their feedback and more importantly address any concerns on a regular basis.


At the moment we are asking our advisers to assess the health of their client relationships and identify those clients that they feel should be highlighted as a priority on this project.


Initially feedback will be collected via a phone interview with a view to also incorporate a digital questionnaire in the future.


Look forward to keeping you up-to-date with our service improvements and developments!


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