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How do you know if you’re receiving quality financial advice?

It can be hard to know if you are receiving quality financial advice if you only have limited previous experiences to base it on.

Good financial advice provides a tailored approach, aligns with your objectives and should always be in your best interests.

Have you ever wondered if you’re receiving quality financial advice? How can you know?

Good financial advice provides a tailored approach for clients on reaching their financial and lifestyle goals in line with their family values. The advice, which should be delivered in a written document, should provide a full understanding of a client’s present situation. The advice must closely align with their objectives, their dreams and wishes, and of course, be in their best interest.

The strategies must remain flexible to allow for adjustments in your life and your objectives, as they evolve due to health, births, deaths, marriages, financial ups and downs, as well as any legislative changes.

A detailed cash flow and projection should also be completed. This allows for ongoing, regular reviews to be bench marked back to their original and evolved goals to ensure the client remains on track.

Why Prime?

Our single focus is on you; working with your goals and aspirations, to secure your financial future.

Prime doesn’t take a product-based approach, we are an advisory firm that adds value for our clients. We provide personalised advice that is transparent, flexible and is in your best interests.  Our integrated 3 dimensional approach ensures you have the right structure and strategies in place to meet your financial objectives, and creates a relationship for quality advice, trust, service and a deep understanding of your situation.

You set the course for enhancing your financial future with tailored wealth management and asset protection advice. When together we have set your structure and strategy, the strength of your financial advisory team then focuses on implementing and managing that plan and your investments to make your goals a reality.

Get in touch with Dylan to find out the difference Prime can make to your financial future.

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