About the Book

Dream to Realisation

by Matt Murphy

“Business owners are courageous; they have the guts to have a go. Yet unless they’re ‘on purpose’, their road to success will be harder than it needs to be.”

This book is a masterclass for any small business owner who wants to know how to transition to the next stage in their business journey.

From idea to start-up, from start-up to maturity or from maturity to exit this book contains a rare expertise presented in an actionable and common-sense manner that has been developed during 20 years of supporting Australian business-owners to grow into their business dream.

Matt’s Why is helping business owners achieve the ‘why’ they went into business in the first place.
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Finding your Ultimate Purpose of starting a business…

Below are some snippets of what you’ll discover in Dream To Realisation: The Business Owner’s Journey

“…so why do people go into business in the first place? What drives people to go into business for themselves? After interviewing hundreds of business owners over the years as an advisor, I can tell you the answer – It is the dream.

The dream of a better life.

But what does ‘a better life’ mean? …”
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“Core to my philosophy is to support the business owner’s journey.”


Mapping your Financial Path

“…in this chapter I am going to step through how to start charting the course of your business from a financial perspective. This is where we start to link the strategy to the outcome. Remember the analogy that I have been using in this book about travel? Well, what I am about to do is explain how you set the map. Remember that the map is the strategy to get you towards your vision, Why or destination…”
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Leadership – Who’s Driving?

“…in previous chapters I’ve discussed how to measure your business’s value, using a combination of profit multiplied by the risk of achieving the profit in the future. When you commence employing people, you generally are increasing both at the same time.

Why? People provide you with leverage to complete tasks that you do not have the time and resources yourself to complete. People increase your capacity, which increases profit.

Employing people also decreases the amount of business that rests on your shoulders, thus decreasing the risk in the business….by employing people, you are reducing the risk that comes from the business relying solely upon you as the owner, resulting in a higher capitalisation rate and therefore increased business value…”
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Navigating the phases of Business Growth and Risk Management

“…businesses do not grow in a straight line. Every time you have the opportunity to grow, there are usually a whole lot of costs that go with the growth, which can make the business less profitable in the early stages of the expansion of the business. 

In simple terms, there are three distinct phases of every business: start-up, maturity and exit. There are many phases inside each of these three categories. Regardless of the phase, the discipline of business should not stop. From the day you start until the day you exit, you should be continuously building your business infrastructure and exercising discipline every day.

What infrastructure and discipline should you build into your business to ensure that the business is a great success? Let’s take a look…”
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“My why is to inspire and support business owners to achieve their reason why…”


Matt Murphy

With over 20 years experience in Business, Accounting and Taxation Advisory services, I’ve been involved in many facets of business. From Corporate Government to Public Practice Area, through to advisory roles with some of Australia’s leading start-up firms.

I wrote this book because I had to get over twenty years of business knowledge out of my head … it was getting a little crowded up there.

It is a summary of years of advice provided to business owners that took them from the dream of going into business to the realisation of that dream.

And I would like to create some more space to learn and teach new ideas to business owners just like yourself.
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What do other businesses think?

Dr. Anne Lavelle, CEO – AusBiotech:
“I have known Matt as an outstanding professional for over a decade and commend him on creating an easy to read plain speaking journey that all first time business operators should read. This is a must do that will save time and money for all new business owners unsure about the next steps. Don’t read it at your own peril!”

Matthew Burgess, Director – View Legal:
“Matt Murphy is one of those rare professionals who is the definition of a trusted adviser. Not because he describes himself as one; rather because his clients do. By choosing to share his insights in ‘’Dream to Realisation”, Matt has given access to us all about the foundations for success in business.

Practically focused, with a liberal use of case studies, it is an easy read – and that is probably the greatest compliment given the notoriously complex subjects addressed. Thank you Matt for sharing your wisdom.”

Paul Dunn, Co-Founder and Chairman – B1G1® Simply Stunning Business Giving:
“There are surprisingly few people on our planet who not only create businesses but help others do that too … Matt’s a really extraordinary business-builder. And this wonderful book is a rare case of something that does exactly what’s promised in the title.”

Dream to Realisation

The Business Owner’s Journey
by Matt Murphy

The purpose of this book is to provide a real and practical map of what to do and what not to do. it is written from the perspective of real-life situations that textbooks and educational institution do not prepare you for: the business school of hard knocks.
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