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23 04, 2019

Weekly Market Update (Issue 544) – 23 Apr 2019

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Markets continued to suspend disbelief in what was a busy week, again choosing to ignore the grey clouds looming on the horizon. And they are significant. Trade talks point to a disappointing conclusion in May Firstly, sources inside the ongoing U.S/China trade talks last week suggested that the U.S had requested the Chinese shift their [...]

15 04, 2019

Weekly Market Update (Issue 543) – 15 Apr 2019

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Release of March Chinese lending figures Probably the main news of the week, in the near term at least, was the release of the March Chinese lending figures which showed a surge in financing to the economy, well in excess of optimistic market expectations. The surge in total social financing over the first 3 months [...]

15 04, 2019

Interested in taking control of your retirement savings?

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For many Australians, superannuation forms their second largest asset after the family home – yet so many people have no idea what their superannuation balance is even worth – let alone how their super fund is performing. With less than impressive performance by many superannuation alternatives, more and more Australians are actively trying to gain [...]

8 04, 2019

Weekly Market Update (Issue 542) – 8 Apr 2019

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No Federal Election announcement over the weekend, so we now look towards the 18th of May, or worst case the 25th May. There seems little evidence of a ‘budget bounce’ for the government if the AFR/Ipsos poll taken last week is any guide, and as a result, it feels like Australian share-markets will continue to [...]

1 04, 2019

Weekly Market Update (Issue 541) – 1 Apr 2019

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This is the start of a really busy month or so for Australian investors, with the Federal Budget due on Tuesday night and a likely formal election date announcement by the weekend. Federal Budget & Federal Election ahead The papers have been awash with expectations that the Budget will include a variety of handouts and [...]