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24 Nov

When No Estate Plan = A New Estate Plan In The Football State*

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  For those of you who have attended one of our estate planning seminars, you may remember our contention that “no estate plan equals an estate plan”. In other words, even if a person dies without a will, the law says that their assets will be distributed to their family, as determined by a set [...]

17 Nov

Super Series – Part 3

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Non - Concessional Contributions – Part 1 As part of our super series articles, the focus this week is on non-concessional contributions. Non-concessional is the term associated with after-tax super contributions. After-tax contributions are super contributions for which an individual or employer hasn't claimed a tax deduction. There are many advantages in making superannuation non-concessional [...]

17 Nov

The Captain’s Ride – Day Six

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The Final Day. It's dawning on the Riders just what they have achieved, and also what the The Captain's Ride symbolises - to understand what the children and families The Steve Waugh Foundation supports go through with their own struggles of therapy, operations and recovery in every day of their lives. Over six long [...]

17 Nov

The Captain’s Ride – Day Five

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Nobody was looking forward to Day Five. A total of 177km that included a climb of almost three kilometres - finishing 2,970 metres higher above sea level than the point at which the day started - after the four previous days. Nevertheless, the Rider's got through this with determination and thoughts of the struggles [...]

9 Nov

The Captain’s Ride – Day Four

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With the completion of Day Four, the Riders were buoyed by the prospect of actually completing the challenge set by The Captain's Ride. Today's release contains some amazing footage that makes it clear how much of a challenge the mountains have set, and the standout effort shown by one Rider in particular - Olympian and [...]