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22 Sep

Will Your Idea Make Money

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Kim Walker has spent the best part of two decades helping a myriad of businesses get themselves ready for commercialisation. He talks to Grant Titmus about his journey. If you have a start-up and are looking to get it off the ground, Kim Walker may well just be your solution. Walker heads up the commercialisation [...]

6 Jul

Building wealth: Making sure every dollar counts

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Building Wealth: Making sure every dollar counts Jonathan Bayes was used to trades that lasted hours, now he takes a longer view. By Barney Awartz. The United States will drive global growth this year, though the so-called Trump effect is as likely to heighten volatility as it is to boost confidence given the new US [...]

28 Apr

Budgeting and Cash Flow – The Keys To Financial Success

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A financial adviser is much like a personal trainer for physical fitness: a coach to provide training and direction and encourage discipline, according to Prime financial adviser Marcus Ainger. “It’s as much about the psychological side as it is the ability to create wealth,” he says. Ainger, 34, has good evidence for his analogy, having [...]

6 Apr

Financial advice = Better outcomes

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Financial advice = Better outcomes "Your financial adviser, like your accountant, is one of your most important professional relationships," says Mark Johnson – you should have a rapport based on trust and mutual confidence in your goals and strategies. The Prime Financial senior financial adviser, a 15-year veteran and partner in the firm, has known [...]

7 Dec

Investment FAQ – What does Capital Liquidity mean?

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Investment FAQ - What does Capital Liquidity mean? Being liquid simply refers to the relative ability to readily turn one’s portfolio into cash. Different asset classes have differing degrees of liquidity. Clearly being ‘liquid’ is an attribute, so it is often the case that less-liquid investments must deliver higher returns to compensate investors for the [...]