Chief investment officer

27 Jul

Buy & Sell Agreements: Putting the right plan into place

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Business owners, how do you ensure that your interests and that of your estate are protected if you are deceased or totally & permanently disabled?     Buy-Sell Agreement   Where a business is structured as a company, trust or partnership, the equity holders should commit to an agreement to ensure that their interest in the [...]

11 Mar

The Economy is Evolving & so too should Portfolios

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With the ASX200 up some 10% year-to-date and having achieved our 5900 year-end target within the first 6 weeks of the year, I felt it timely to commit some thoughts to paper.   Conversation between ourselves and investors is increasingly turning to the sustainability of the market’s recent rise. This is natural and entirely appropriate [...]

12 Jan

2015 – Room for Optimism.

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Rather than write another year ahead door-stopper, I wanted to be short and to the point on our expectations for 2015. I wanted to state the facts as they are, to dispel a few misconceptions, and to make it clear and plain what we are looking out for in 2015.   To be clear, I [...]