Jun 22, 2015 | Prime announcements

Prime Financial Group announces the launch of Prime’s New Website and Social Channels

We are very pleased to announce that after months of planning and implementation, our new Prime Financial Group website is live and accessible at

The launch of our new website fits well with Prime’s goal to provide clients and our accounting partners a better digital and mobile communication platform, and transform our website from an online information website to one that creates a more interactive visitor experience, people will enjoy, find resourceful and relevant, and more user-friendly.

More so now than ever before technology is enabling more personalised and tailored experiences for us all and will continue to drive changes in how we interact, respond and deliver services. Prime are seeking to position our Firm at the forefront of important developments in technology, starting with an improved website experience. Our increased functionality includes video and image galleries, easy connection points with our senior leadership and advisory team, client access to investment portfolios plus other important information, interactive and downloadable content, and the ability to engage with us via our newly launched social community channels, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Importantly, our website redesign has enabled us to provide more specific content across different client areas, including for;

  • Professionals & Executives;
  • Business Owners; and
  • Retiree’s or those nearing Retirement

Our 3 Dimensional approach which brings together Accounting, Asset Protection and Wealth Management advice as one complete service is also featured on the website and visitors will find it easier to submit specific queries on ‘how we can help’ or find key information on ‘what we do’ and ‘how we can add value’.

Our new website also articulates our vision as a Firm, which is to become the ‘Premier Partner to Accountants for Growth, Succession and Integrated Wealth Management’ and to provide clients ‘Personalised Advice to achieve the Life and Lifestyle they desire’.

What are the benefits of our new website and social community channels?

  1. Modern Professional Visual Design

Our website has a refreshing modern design and appeal. It serves to be visually engaging, and is uncluttered providing a visitor-friendly experience with easy navigation features like moving image sliders, links, interactive tools and many access points to our contact details.

  1. Responsive on Mobile Devices

As more and more clients are using their mobile devices to stay informed and engaged 24/7, our website is built to provide a great visitor experience not only on desktops but on smart phones and tablets as well.

  1. Meaningful & Relevant Content

We want to provide not just our company updates and new service information but to provide expert insights and perspectives in various forms to cater for individual preferences. Our website will contain many forms of content so visitors can choose what is most easy and enjoyable to use, from our library of White Papers, Research Papers, eBooks, videos, Infographics, blog posts and much more.

It will also be possible to join us for interactive and live chats with our leadership and advisory team via webinars and online meeting tools directly from our website. These sessions will cover many topics from investment market insights to value added advice for specific client issues.

Our goal is to help visitors and clients stay informed, empowered and on the path to achieve their financial and personal goals.

  1. We are Social!

We now have a LinkedIn Page, Twitter Account and a Facebook Page, and our social profiles are available on our website.

We welcome and encourage visitors to JOIN US via the following links:

Follow our LinkedIn Company Page

Follow our Twitter Page

Like our Facebook Page

Not only can you join our social communities but you will be able to share our content with family, friends, colleagues, and your network via our Social Sharing tools we have embedded throughout our website.

We look forward to your visits, and appreciate your feedback on what works well and what we can improve to create a better experience for you or what other elements you would like to see more of in the future.


A unique and personal service approach and support for all your business advisory and personal wealth management needs

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A unique and personal service approach to support all your business advisory and personal wealth management needs.

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