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As business owners, no doubt you are experiencing the impacts of what the widespread Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on the Australian market, the economy and importantly our own businesses and lives.

During tough times like this, it is important that we stay connected, collaborate and share knowledge with one another so that we can take some of the stress off our shoulders. For this reason, we have been hosting a weekly forum for all of us to share relevant information for you and your business, including:

  • how you can use this opportunity to take stock of your business
  • how you can transform this adversity into a business opportunity
  • how being proactive and productive during this time will help to stay on top of these ever changing circumstances.

Here you will find useful resources and recordings to previous sessions.

Our next session

Our next session will be on Friday 29th May, 11am AEST.
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Past Sessions

Session 10 – 22nd May

Scott Taylor (Partner – Taylor David Lawyers), Garry Hamilton (Senior Legal Consultant, Taylor David Lawyers) and James Horne (Managing Director – Balance Internet), discuss key areas related to:

  • dealing with corporate financial distress through a pandemic
  • digital transformation of businesses
James Horne – Digital Transformation
Balance Internet Whitepaper – How to Succeed at Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce

Session 9 – 15th May

Matthew Bouw (CEO of Cushman & Wakefield, Asia-Pacific) and brand specialist Richard Henderson (CEO & founder, R-Co Brand), discussed key areas related to:

  • the best practice thinking and protocols around returning people back to the workplace
  • strengthening your business identity, how we can remain creative and think outside the box during these times
Forum Session 9 Agenda
Richard Henderson – Brand Identity
Matthew Bouw – Recovery Readiness Presentation

Other useful resources on Recovery Readiness:
How to Guide for Re-Opening Your Workplace
The Safe Six Checklist: Workplace Readiness Essentials

Session 8 – 8th May

This session covers a dialogue with Ian Brady – one of Prime’s clients, on how important IT security has been for his business Steadfast Solutions and what security looks like in the remote workplace during this time, and a segment with Sarah McCrum – business mentor, where we discussed how important it is to connect and realign with the purpose of your business.

Matt Murphy – Business Owners Strategy Forum – Session 08
Ian Bradly – Our COVID-19 Journey and Tips From a Business Owner of an IT Company
McKinsey’s study Purpose: Shifting from why to how
The Spirit of Business Podcast

Session 7 – 1st May

This session covers business planning in 2021, JobKeeper Update (Alternative Tests) and business succession.

Matt Murphy – Business Planning in 2021
Matt Smith – JobKeeper Update – Alternative Tests

Session 6 – 24th April

This session covers a discussion with one of Prime’s clients on the challenges his business has been facing and how he is tackling them, the current investment market and what business in future may look like, and an update on the JobKeeper Payment.

Jonathan Bayes – COVID-19 Impact and Thoughts
Matt Murphy – Business Owners Strategy Forum – Session 6
Paul Minieri – JobKeeper Update

Session 5 – 17th April

This session covers an update on the JobKeeper payment and rent relief, how to lead and influence during the COVID-19 as business owners and business strategies for COVID-19.

Paul Minieri – JobKeeper Update and Rent Relief
Matt Murphy – Leadership in a Crisis

Session 4 – 9th April

This session covers an update on Government’s COVID-19 Stimulus
the grants available, how to identify the correct grant(s) for your business and where to access them, and how to practice strategic creative thinking as business owners.

Matt Murphy – Agenda and Update
Matt Smith – Job Keeper and Rent Relief Code
John Driscoll – Grant Funding Available
Mark Bouw – COVID-19 Business Strategies

Session 3 – 3rd April

This session covers the Job Seeker Package, advice on bank’s response to COVID-19 and what support is available and practical ways of managing stress and your energy.

Paul Minieri – JobKeeper Payment
Paul Goessler and Caroline Gawne – Banking Industry Response
Sarah McCrum – How to Manage Stress and Anxiety

Session 2 – 27th March

This session covers theGovernment’s COVID-19 Stimulus Package, and an employment law expert discusses how to best deal with your labour force in this current environment.

Matt Smith – Government COVID-19 Stimulus
Stephen Schoninger – HFW Australia – Workplace Law Issues and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Session 1 – 20th March

Our first session covers the coronavirus impact, what to do during uncertain times, the importance of gathering data and reviewing your cashflow runway.

Matt Murphy – Business Owners Strategy Forum – Session 1 Slides

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COVID-19 Economic Support – Victoria
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