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Corporate Advisory Referral Fees

As you may be aware we are making a concerted effort to attract higher net worth clients ($5m – $50m +) for Wealth Management services through our jointly owned JV and feel we are uniquely placed to collectively deliver a far superior service to that of many of our traditional competitors.

We are proving this up and gaining some great traction due to the knowledge and understanding that you and we have around the dynamics of Family Groups and Business Owners, both of which are ideal clients and make up a significant part of the opportunity set with the greatest need.

As Business Owners there is the potential clients will be seeking to realise/sell their businesses in the future, accordingly we have tried to make a better connection in our updated marketing material, between Wealth Management and our Corporate & Capital team capability.

We have done this to showcase our difference to traditional Accountants and Wealth Managers, plus demonstrate the value in gaining more services via the relationship clients hold with you. We collectively understand that these businesses (often owned by Family Groups) will sell or transition at some point and will need access to trusted advice, we would like to start that journey with you and them now. We would also like to recognise that these same people (including other Family members) may be seeking to raise capital for new ventures or expanding existing ones, there is equally an opportunity for them to tap into our services.

However, this is not a one sided transaction and due to the ecosystem and connected environment we are creating with you, with substantial flow of Capital, we also realise the opportunity to showcase to Wholesale investors, investment opportunities that the broader team may be engaged with as Prime increasingly leads more Capital transactions across emerging, unique plus traditional areas of investment interest and growth.

Other recent enhancements to our value proposition for this higher net worth segment includes the addition of Craig Ferguson (click here for Craig’s bio) as an Investment Committee consultant to the Wealth division plus the addition of a Valuation Advisory service through the Capital team.

If you believe you have clients that are in need of Corporate and Capital Advisory services Prime would like to recognise referrals to us via a referral fee payable to your accounting firm, being a payment of 10% of the success fee revenue. This 10% would typically be between $35K to $100K depending on the size of the transaction and naturally this fee would be fully disclosable to clients.

For a copy of the PowerPoint presentation on how we are presenting the connection between Wealth Management and Corporate Advisory / Capital services please see below for the Prime branded version:

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Simon Madder – Managing Director & CEO
Prime Financial Group Ltd

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