Get your share of the $520M – $540M Australian Business Growth Fund

A brand new $520M – $540M Australian Business Growth Fund will aid small to mid-sized businesses expand by taking long-term equity capital investments between $5M and $15M, with the funds expected to begin flowing in June 2020.

The $520 – $540M will be raised with the help of the big four banks each committing a hefty $100M alongside the federal government’s investment of $100M and HSBC and Macquarie’s notable investment of $20M each.

The federal government also hopes to grow the business growth fund from $520M to $1B. The fund’s investment stake will range from 10% to 40%, which will “allow the business owners to maintain their controlling interest, while also allowing the fund to have sufficient influence to encourage business growth.” The fund will also operate commercially, be independent and provide non-financial support.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg stated that “We’re creating new opportunities for small to medium businesses so they can access the capital they need to grow and create jobs,” and that it is “an opportunity to partner with a growth fund who will take a minority stake in your business.”

To be eligible for this funding, businesses will need to have an annual revenue of $2M to $100M and have proof of increasing profitability over the course of three years.

These funds can assist your business growth — but the challenge is knowing where to look and how to apply. At Prime, we assist our clients on making use of these incentives and guide them along the way.

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