Innovation & Commercialisation Advice

Technology and innovation are in our DNA

We have some of the best executive and consulting experience in Australia for innovation and commercialisation. Our consultants have diverse, hands-on experience in all levels of management, business planning, raising capital and forging global strategic partnerships.

Our combined experience spans across startups and multinationals in all kinds of industries including aerospace, maritime, automotive, manufacturing, medical, packaging, recycling, and energy.

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Expert technological reviews

Our services start with a rapid and accurate assessment of your technology to determine its value proposition, commercial value, and intellectual property situation. This typically includes:

  • Assessing both commercial and investor readiness
  • Creating a preliminary commercialisation framework
  • Providing commercialisation plans for your technologies
  • Providing a financial model and assessments

We’ll help you develop a grounded starting point from which to create winning strategies that drive business growth.

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Technology commercialisation services

Together we’ll determine the best next step, which can range from creating a brand new startup, to raising a round of capital. In preparation for this, we work with our clients on the entire range of activities needed, including:

  • Creating a product development and commercialisation strategy
  • Defining a business model and commercialisation value proposition
  • Finding market validation
  • Creating financial projections and returns analysis
  • Preparing required business documents, including non-confidential and confidential dossiers and presentations, information memorandums, and business plans

We then support our clients during their growth phase with identifying investors, filling interim management roles or directorships, handling licensing, partnering, or acquisitions.

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Leverage a network of alliances

With Prime, you get more than just expertise. Our success and experience in this business have seen us develop a strong network of alliances in areas like engineering, product development, intellectual property protection, and environmental regulation.

This allows Prime to manage large projects and turn them into a commercial reality for you faster.

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What our clients say

“Prime provides us a highly personalised service covering our financial needs. Our strategic advice has been proactively provided whilst ensuring our investments are professionally managed without requiring our daily input. We feel comfortable knowing Prime is looking after our investments.”

Ian, Melbourne

“In working with Prime, I have been connected with a trusted ‘go to’ source of knowledge, mentorship, tools, services, contacts and – most importantly – a friend on the ground for anything related to financial decisions when feeling a little overwhelmed.”

Amy, Brisbane

“We have worked with Prime for fifteen years as our financial adviser. Prime has always guided us through with professional advice on our financial decisions, whether it be in the local office or over the phone. We have found our adviser, Garry, has gone above and beyond the call of duty with regards to our retirement and financial matters in a friendly and caring way.”

Karen & Russell, Cairns

A unique and personal service approach to support all your business advisory and personal wealth management needs.

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