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Prime Innovation is an Australian management consultancy specialising in the commercial application of technology. Founded in 2004, we provide business advisory, planning and management services to the public and private sectors.

We can provide unique value to organisations in situations where decision making requires an understanding of both commercial and technical issues. While we offer general management consulting services, our “sweet spot” lies in the convergence of strategy and technology.

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Our Team

Prime Innovation’s principal consultants have backgrounds combining senior level management experience with consulting experience. This combination of knowledge and experience in its key people enables the group to rapidly address business problems and develop clever and workable solutions.

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Our Clients

Private Sector: Corporates in the industrial / manufacturing, medical, packaging, recycling, renewable energy and investment sectors.

Public / Semi-Public Sector: Technology Based Start-ups and Research Institutions.

Our Alliances

Alliance partners in the areas of engineering, product development, intellectual property protection and environmental regulatory expertise allow Prime Innovation to project manage large projects from concept to commercial reality.

Established alliances:

  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Funding / Venture Capital
  • Product Design & Development
  • Environmental Regulation / Carbon Auditing
  • Intellectual Property Matters
  • Manufacturing Technology

Extensive networks enabling specialist market access:

  • Medical & Non-medical
  • Local and International

Our Advantage?

In many organisations, technology is an important element of current and future success. Understanding how technology risks and opportunities should be managed becomes a critical element of strategy and many professional service providers do not have the internal capability to integrate this into the overall strategy debate.

Commercially Savvy

  • Focus on the commercial value proposition
  • Maximising competitive advantage from technology
  • Navigates the competitive landscape

Deep Technology Experience & Expertise

  • Understand and manage risks
  • Maximise returns from technology
  • Finding the optimal technology solution

Extensive Senior Management Experience

  • Pragmatic and outcome focused – not theoretical
  • Flexible approach, tailored to individual needs

Proven Toolkit

  • Systematic approach / innovative solutions

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Accounting & Business Advisory:

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