We want to know the best way of transferring assets to our children and family members and ensuring the assets are transferred as intended.
How do I get started?

I’d really like to solve some of my current challenges.

  • Little understanding in how to best transfer wealth to family members
  • Not sure of which assets sit within my estate and outside
  • Like to ensure our assets are passed onto our children wisely
  • Worried about how to protect my family in case my business partner can no longer fulfil their duties due to illness or death
I need advice because I want to have achieve the following:

  • Ensure necessary protection & wealth transfer measures are in place
  • Sense of relief knowing our children will be looked after as per our wishes
  • Feel secure and comfortable knowing our hard earned assets are protected & will be preserved for our children
  • Become accountable for my financial goals


Once a goal has been identified, tell your adviser. Don’t keep it a secret. Your adviser can set a clear pathway to help you reach your goal. Even if you haven’t quite worked out what your goals are, your adviser can help to identify them with you.

Your adviser is your long-term confidante and coach throughout your life journey.


Financial Planning

It’s never too early to start planning. Although your plans may change over time, it’s important to identify your immediate priorities, your ideal lifestyle and life goals, and develop a plan to assist in achieving them. Keeping abreast of changing legislation, making the most of the opportunities available to you, and structuring your finances is fundamental to achieving your lifestyle and financial objectives.


Asset Protection incl. Legal Services

Protecting yourself, your family and your business is the cornerstone of any wealth creation strategy.

Asset protection involves the structuring of your personal, family and busienss affairs to minimise your risk exposure whilst providing a platform to build your wealth.

The objective of asset protection is to provide you with greater control over your assets for more controlled outcomes in times of dispute or financial distress. A well-structured asset protection program gives you peace of mind knowing you have control, levearage and a ‘seat at the table’ should anything go wrong in the future.


With advice I can expect to achieve the following:

  • The right structures of personal, family and business affairs to minimise risk
  • Have greater control over our assets for more controlled outcomes in times of dispute or financial distress
  • Ensure assets are passed to our nominated family members via estate planning structures
By working with my adviser, I am happy I am able to:

  • Peace of mind having control and leverage should something go wrong in the future
  • Confidence and assurance our family members will be looked after appropriately
  • Sleep well at night knowing I’m on track to achieving my financial goals

Our Difference

Self Directed | Collaborative | Full Advice

Our unique 3 Investor Service Models offer varying levels of personalised expert advice to ensure that you have the right strategy and resources to make your goals a reality.

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