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26 10, 2016

Estate planning – the basic essentials

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Estate planning – the basic essentials It is generally believed that death is final. However, a grieving family knows only too well that the death of a loved one can trigger events that may drag on for years afterwards, especially when it comes to sorting out the estate of the deceased person. Outlined below are [...]

18 10, 2016

Investing: back to basics

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Investing: back to basics The past few years have shown the world that share markets can be volatile creatures and we are often asked “when is a good time to invest in shares”? While nobody knows what each new day will bring, the key to answering this question hinges on acknowledging three aspects of your [...]

11 10, 2016

Planning for the unthinkable

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Planning for the unthinkable Insurance and wills are two parts of financial planning that are difficult for most people to confront. In many cases, they involve committing the time and cost to set up arrangements that we hope we will never need to use. However, the results of avoiding this area can cause significant stress [...]

5 10, 2016

Another way to manage your assets

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  Another way to manage your assets Do you sometimes lie awake at night wondering what effect the latest share market "correction" or property "boom" or “bust” is having on your investments? Understanding the differences between the various investment assets will help you enjoy better sleep patterns knowing that a diversified portfolio is a good [...]

28 09, 2016

Changes to Age Pension assets test from 1 Jan 2017

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Changes to Age Pension assets test from 1 Jan 2017  The government’s changes to the Age Pension could affect your retirement income and potentially your retirement lifestyle. It is important to understand what the changes are, and what it means for you. The Age Pension and Assets Test Explained The Centrelink Age Pension assets test [...]